Alumni Association - Events Conducted


The registered members actively participate in college activities like Annual Day and Farewell Programme; seasonal meets and fetes; career fair and book fair; talks and seminars. The Association works hand in hand with the institution's Social Service Sub- Committee to lend support to under-priviledged, destitute, homeless women inmates of local NGOs including those founded by few eminent alumnae of the institution.Fairs and fetes are organised to sell products made by such women, sales proceeds of which are donated to the organisatons they belong to.
Reunion is held every year where a large number of Alumni participate. Recently a get together 'Beat the Heat at Alumni Meet 2024' was held in May 2024 where Alumni members and current students had put up different stalls of food, clothes, accessories and games. The event received huge response and was a grand success with significant amount of footfall.