Journal/ Magazine


The college has a publication tradition almost since its inception. The magazine titled Ourselves is an in-house institutional publication which invites creative writings from students, teachers and staff in the form of poems, short stories, travelogues, essays etc. in English and two vernacular sections, viz. Hindi and Bengali. It is published bi-annually and testifies institutional encouragement towards creative and liberal expressions. A committed editorial team through a fair mechanism of selection sifts from amongst the large number of contributions received.

In a bid to promote serious academic and research-oriented contributions an academic journal titled Mind Space was launched in 2005-06. The journal has an ISSN Number to its credit and has published seven volumes since its introduction and the latest being in 2016-17. An editorial team with external members meticulously edits and selects contributions, in terms of professional parameters, in an effort to maintain standards of academic quality and excellence. Primarily committed to social sciences and literature the journal publishes in each volume articles in English, Hindi and Bengali. The journal has been widely acclaimed and appreciated for its worthiness within the community of academia and learners.