Course Outcome

Department of Geography
Name of the Programme: B.SC Honours in Geography

This programme enables students to gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Geography. The course offers several specializations and practical exposures for the students preparing them to face the modern-day challenges in academic as well as professional bodies.
This programme could provide well-trained students suitable to work in government sectors, geo-informatics sector, educational institutes, and research centres. The broader perspective of this programme offers several value-based and job oriented courses that ensure that the students are trained in the latest techniques and theories in the field of Geography. At the end of the degree course, by virtue of the training, they can become a teacher, professor, environmentalist, climatologist, cartographer, G.I.S. analyst or have government jobs, etc.

Department of English
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in English

On completion of the programme, students are awarded a Bachelor's degree in English. The programme attempts to prepare students for Post Graduate and research-oriented studies in English Literature and Language, in various Indian and Foreign Universities. It trains them in a manner to pursue careers in Journalism, Mass Communication, Media Studies, Film Studies, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, among others. It also trains students to pursue careers in Translating, Content Writing, Editing/Proofreading, Scriptwriting, Soft Skills training and so on.

Department of Sociology
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in Sociology

Students are awarded B.A. Honours degree thereby becoming graduates in the discipline of sociology and is eligible for post-graduation programmes in sociology or related discipline in home as well as foreign universities.
It trains students to grasp social structures, understand social processes, map the dynamics of social change, decipher social interactions and make sense of individual and collective experiences in their social, historical and cultural context. This helps at generating public knowledge and fostering public reason. It embodies best of enlightenment virtues: scientific reason, tolerance of diversity, humanistic empathy and celebration of democratic ideals

Department of Hindi
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in Hindi

Hindi Syllabus is student friendly and helps them to improve their creativity, imagination and intellectual ability. It enables students to maximise their efficiency and get more jobs.
The syllabus emphasises on development of creativity and knowledge of the subject so that the students can go for higher studies or employment in different fields of teaching, media, cinema (script writing), translation etc.

Department of History
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in History

Understanding historicity and the significance of socio-cultural studies and of human civilization are some of the primary objectives of this degree course. It further focuses on the historical perspectives of economic and social, political changes of the society apart from preparing the student for further studies and research and to make them ready for employment in various fields.

Department of Education
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in Education

The primary objective of this course is to provide a global knowledge of all areas related to education and to orient students towards careers which have educational values. To make students ready to face challenges related to development of different skills such as teaching, management and leadership.
It further injects confidence among students to participate in workshops and seminars apart from training them in organising educational programmes & events. This course also encourages students towards self-study and organizing project work.

Department of Political Science
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in Political Science

The course offers an all-encompassing knowledge of politics, society and administration. This also makes the students aware of the general understanding of International policies and Relations. The primary objectives of this course are:

  • To give the students specific understanding of politics
  • To prepare them for NET and Civil Service Exams
  • To increase awareness of Electoral politics
  • To enhance awareness of social and political issues in general
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
Name of the Programme: B.A. Honours in Journalism and Mass Communication

The course trains the students on writing reports, editing and to understand how media abides by the constitutional ethics and how advertisements and Public Relation industries are growing rapidly. Additionally, it makes them aware on how to establish themselves in the media industry. This programme trains students for the media industry.

Department of Fashion and Apparel Design
Name of the Programme: Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design

The aim of this course is to provide hands-on training in the areas of fashion design, fashion production, fashion marketing and merchandising, etc so that the students may become capable to get jobs in the garment industry or may set up their own business outlet.
The specific outcome of the programme is to enable the students to be capable enough to either go for higher studies in the areas of Fashion or apparel design or to cater the garment industry by engaging themselves in jobs or setting up their own business.

Department of Communicative English
Name of the Programme: B.A. Major in Communicative English

The primary objectives of this course are:

  1. To ensure that students acquire the abilities and the skills required to obtain a job in the corporate world.
  2. To enable learners to develop the skills required to take up self-employment opportunities.
  3. To learn to use English both in speaking & writing in actual job scenario.
  4. To impart knowledge about the technicalities of proper pronunciation, and use of English
  5. To enable students to carry out proper surveys, and collect data and analyze them for conducting project work.
Department of Economics
Name of the Programme: B.A. General in Economics

This course trains the students to identify, formulate and analyse economic problems concerning micro, macro, and developmental issues and to apply appropriate techniques and tools for economic models. It further helps to understand the nature of the Indian economy, developmental issues and the need for development planning. Additionally, it helps the students to:

  • determine economic variables and the analysis of the trends of these variables in the context of the Indian economy.
  • analyse macroeconomic policies for development
  • understand the role of trade in economic growth
  • apply the descriptive statistical tools to interpret data
Department of Philosophy
Name of the Programme: B.A. General in Philosophy

This course will enhance the knowledge of the students' philosophical thoughts over society and politics. This course discussed ideals, justice, liberty, and equality.