Composition of Alumni Association


The Rani Birla Girls' College Alumni Association was given the status of a Government registered society in the year 2003. The Association was formed to maintain contact with its students who are present throughout the globe and also with former staff members i.e. both teaching and non-teaching. The Association aims to serve its Alma Mater in every possible way.
The main objectives of the Association are :

  1. To renew and maintain contact among former students, teachers and non-teaching staff.
  2. To promote and encourage literary, cultural and social service activities.
  3. To carry on advancement of education in any form.
  4. To encourage and felicitate academic excellence through awards/recognitions.
  5. To provide financial benefits to poor and needy students.

At the end of every Academic session the Association awards a medal to the College Topper at the Annual Day Prize Distribution ceremony of the institution. Over the years, with a noble aim to promote environment friendly atmosphere in their Alma Mater, alumni members have contributed solar lights, wheel chairs, waste bins for both degradable and non-degradable refuse, college lawn beautification and planting of saplings and plants.
Members connect on the Association's official Facebook page ( and by their official mail id (

The current Committee members are
President : Sushmita Das
Vice President : Angana Sanyal
Secretary: Soha Hossain
Jt Secretary : Vansika Yadav
Treasurer : Deblina Talukdar
Jt Treasurer: Mithu Bhar
Convenor of 4 committees: Debolina Guha Thakurta


The Association has always tried to function in favour of the benefits of its members. It was officially registered as a Society on 9th April, 2003 by the initiative of its former students and staff of the college to establish and maintain contact amongst themselves and work for the development of the Institution and the alumnae.
The first President of the Association was Ms. Meenakshi Dey, Vice President Ms. Krishna Mukherjee and Secretary Ms. Satarupa Chaudhuri.


The registered members actively participate in college activities like Annual Day and Farewell Programme; seasonal meets and fetes; career fair and book fair; talks and seminars. The Association works hand in hand with the institution's Social Service Sub- Committee to lend support to under-priviledged, destitute, homeless women inmates of local NGOs including those founded by few eminent alumnae of the institution.Fairs and fetes are organised to sell products made by such women, sales proceeds of which are donated to the organisatons they belong to.
Reunion is held every year where a large number of Alumni participate. Recently a get together 'Beat the Heat at Alumni Meet 2024' was held in May 2024 where Alumni members and current students had put up different stalls of food, clothes, accessories and games. The event received huge response and was a grand success with significant amount of footfall.


All the alumni of the college are of utmost importance to the Alma Mater. Many of them have gone to great heights to make their Institution proud. A few of them are being mentioned here.

Sarbani Das Roy
Co-Founder / Director of Iswar Sankalpa
Dr. Sharmila Mitra
Principal, Behala College
June Malia
Performing artist and Member of Parliament
Dr. Koyel Sur
Scientist, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre
Dr. Anasuya Bhar
Associate Professor and Dean of Postgraduate Studies, St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College
Dr. Koyel Sarkar
Post doctoral Associate, New York University
Raima Sen
Performing artist
Riya Sen
Performing artist
Pramita Mullick
Rabindra sangeet exponent
Dolly Basu
Theatre personality
Dr. Roshmi Adhikary
Associate Professor, Dum Dum Motijheel College
Sharmistha Singh
Rushati Das
Program Coordinator
Climate Action Network South Asia
Arunima Ghosal
Researcher, De Montfort University Leicester