Career Counselling and Placement Cell

Career Counselling and Placement Cell- The institution accords primacy to career progression of students as a desired learning outcome. In view of the objective, the institution has a CCPC which maintains active liaison with placement agencies and organizations engaged in professional counselling. From time to time career counselling sessions are held and placement bodies are invited to open up exploratory opportunities before students and lead them towards informed career choice.

  • Dr. Srabanti Bhattacharya (Principal)
  • Dr. Sarmila Paul (Assistant Professor, Department of English)
  • Mr. Manab Mondal (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology)
  • Ms. Kamalika Paul (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography)
  • Ms. Namrata Subba (Assistant Professor, Department of Education)
  • Mr. Ritwik Balo (Assistant Professor, Department of English)
  • Dr. Sunanda Mitra Roy (State Aided College Teacher, Department of Fashion and Apparel Design)
  • Ms. Sanjukta Ghosh (State Aided College Teacher, Department of History)
  • Mr. Dipmalya Karmakar (State Aided College Teacher, Department of Geography)